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Democratic People's Republic

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y stay warm during winter months. One day s▓ix years ago, she held two stray cats in her arms, and▓ six years later, nearl

the Chinese Acade

y 50 stray cats live in her house. D▓uring these six years, a female worker, currently, made the adoption of street cats

my of Social Sci

her job. The more street cats she▓ has adopted, however, the more difficult things have become for her, and the misunders

ences, who

tandings among people close to her h


ave put her in a more embarrassing situation. ▓Up until now, she has remained silent about this "job" to he▓r relatives.To save

the panel, w

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cats, she

ing. "I hope 

was bold enough to stop car▓s.Xu Hong (an alias), 49 years old, lost her job 12 years ago, and has not gotten another since. He

the problem

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hich is located in Lianhua New Area, Jinjiang District, has become a fixed shelter for stray cats. On the aft▓ernoon of October

ible, althou

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14, when th

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e reporter followed Xu to he▓r house, over ten fat and slim cats with different colors of fur gathered around her, among which

ner or later

," he said. The

a mischievous


one▓ hugged her trouser leg. Because the multitude of cats has left Xu's house a mess, there is no room to sit down. Despite

ion would no

t affect the common Ch

this, Xu,

inese citi

who is normally quiet, called these c▓ats' pet names over and over again as if talking with a group of jovial children. Xu said

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lot, Chang

, "Cats

said. Wi

can read our minds. In fact, they al

  • th an improv

    ing living standard, v

    so have feelings of pleasure, anger, gr▓ief and happiness. They, however, cannot speak, so their ▓feelings are always neglected."One afternoon in July 2003, Xu found two unattended cats when she passed by

  • ery few people s

    till eat dog or cat meat i

    a construction site, and was deeply affected by their helpless meowing. Xu immediately lifted up these two cubs, who were about two months old, and brought them home. Xu th▓en spent a sleepless night caring for them. She gave these two cu

  • n China, he sai?/h2>

    坉. Though most Western

    bs milk and sugar every two hours, and the two cubs thrived thanks to her care. Up until now, one of these two cubs remains active among the growing number of cats

  • cultures view th

    e consumption of

    that Xu keeps.Smuggled elephants return homeExperts worried about fate of remaining animals at zoo in Shen▓yang; investigation launched SHENYANG: An investig▓ation has been launched into the deaths of 13 Siberi

  • ▓ dog or cat meat a

    an tiger▓s in the past three months a

    s a taboo, the pract

    ice has been

     considered a


    tradition f

    or those living in C

    t a zoo in Shenyang, capital ▓of Northeast China's Liaoning province. Now expert▓s are worried about the fate of the remaining animals.

    hina▓'s south

    "I'm afraid that the tigers will die

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